Desk Dividers

Our Clear Acrylic Office Desk Divider lets you turn a conventional office desk into a cubicle enclosed on three sides to help improve hygiene and protect your staff from the spread of infection. Suitable for use on virtually any desk, these office sneeze screens are made from high-quality clear acrylic so look stylish, are unobtrusive and don't block out light as conventional cubicles do.

Our clear desk screens are very simple to install and comprise three Perspex panels that join together using four chrome connectors. Once installed they provide protection from both sides and from the rear of the desk. The rear panel is height adjustable allowing it to be moved up or down depending on the position of any monitor arms or privacy screens and there's plenty of space for cable management. The side panels are held in place with SuperGrip adhesive connectors which can be easily removed later.

These hygiene screens are available with optional yellow edging for extra visibility.

SIZE: 1000mm by 800mm by 750mm

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