Foiled Flyers

Adding a gold or silver foil to your flyers will create a real feeling of luxury without the associated price tag. 

If you need changes made to your existing artwork, or you need completely new artwork then we can help with that too! Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team TODAY!

Working to a tight deadline? We are super-responsive, in fact we have a term for this kind of work... 'trans-dimensional' printing! Please call us on 01233 624462 and speak direct with our sales team. They will give you a quote and turnaround time there and then! 

If you are printing a one-sided document, then a 2-page PDF is required:
Page 1 is the CMYK artwork and page 2 is the Foil artwork.

If you are printing a double-sided document, with foil, please submit a 4-page PDF:

Page 1 is the front of the artwork
Page 2 is the back of the artwork
Page 3 is the Foil artwork for the front
Page 4 is blank.

The Foil artwork should contain solid black shapes in the exact position where the Foil is required. Please ensure Foil artwork is 100% black only and does not contain any cyan, magenta or yellow. We advise that Foil artwork is supplied as vector to ensure the best result.

Please note: Foil application has registration tolerances of approximately ±0.5 mm. It is not therefore recommended that small text (10pt minimum) or thin lines (1pt minimum) are foiled as perfect register cannot be guaranteed.

  • Include 3mm bleed on all sides
  • Supply as a CMYK PDF
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 300dpi resolution
  • Any foiling must be at least 3mm from the trim edge.
  • The minimum font size is 10pt and line weights should be at least 1pt.

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