Queue Stickers

Our Social Distancing Floor Queue Stickers are designed to keep customers and staff safer by encouraging them to spread out when queuing. These bright yellow vinyls include clear black text which says "Please stand behind this line" in capital letters.

This social distancing sign is designed for floor mounting and can be used anywhere you need to tell customers to queue. It's ideal for use near checkouts, where several can be placed 2m apart for safer queuing.

These printed vinyl floor stickers have a self-adhesive backing and can be stuck to any smooth, clean floor. They have a micro-hexagon textured surface with an R10 anti-slip rating. They are semi-permanent and suitable for short-to-medium term use. They're a smarter alternative to regular floor tape.

Social distancing queue sticker with self-adhesive backing

Made from textured vinyl with R10 anti-slip coating

Size: 600mm by 90mm

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